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     We consider good governance essential to driving our success and building a long-term sustainable company. Good governance starts with independent and engaged founders who have a strong sense of integrity and respect for differing viewpoints. We want our company to have a range of viewpoints, backgrounds and expertise so our management team has real world perspective to face the challenges and opportunities that impact our business daily.

     Our ongoing task is to actively oversee BANKSKI’s core business strategy, which is to develop fun and unique ideas that will create a sustainable world. At every moment possible, we engage discussions about our strategic goals and how to execute them with due diligence and persistent attention so we get them done on a timely manner.


     At the moment BANKSKI is small, but we dream big to one day conduct a workforce to identify the capabilities and skills needed to implement our strategy into the future. We are going to change the world  into a cleaner and more fun place to live and exist. Maybe you can help?



      If you like the idea of investing in electric infrastructure but can't get excited about certain car companies, then consider a diversified play across our two sectors of light-electric vehicles and battery-swap stations. There aren’t any funds purely focused on our type of vehicles, but there are a few that focus on emerging trends in the ride share and light mobility market such as JUMP, SMART and Gogoro. While it holds battery-swapping has not seen much success since its heyday in the early 20th century, big transportation companies like KAWASAKI, KYMKO and Sun Mobility are right now also investing in e-motorcycle and e-scooter battery-swap technology, and we are the inventors.



March-2020, Jump: the next battery-swap technology?

by Alexandre Gauquelin