Skiing and Scooter Riding in one Vehicle

     "The G-SKI eliminates ski poles and foot bindings and allows first-time skiers to have fun." 


G-SKI 2022 Frame Body.jpg

Todd Bank-Inventor of

the Stabilizer Footrests System


      BANKSKI's G-SKI will introduce millions of people to the joy of riding a ski vehicle in the snow. It's unique design uses a standard BMX bicycle handlebar to steer the vehicle down the bunny slope, and it is easy to learn how to ride, which takes about ten minutes. Having a steering system also helps eliminate the initial fear that a first-time skier usually feels, thus the G-SKI rider has more fun because they are playing and not falling.

G-SKI 2022.jpg
G-SKI 2022 Frame Body.jpg


      Furthermore, the G-SKI uses a folding steering column for easy transportation and storage, and it has a ski brake too!

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