Best of Both Worlds

"We have taken our unique floorboard system and applied it to current skibike & ski glider technology to revolutionize the two snow sports." 




Todd Bank-Inventor of the Type 2.5 Skibike & Ski Glider



      The global ski equipment & gear market size was valued at USD 1.4 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 2.7% over the forecast period. The market is driven by an increasing number of participants in outdoor sports such as skiing, along with favorable government initiatives in countries, such as India, China, and Japan, on encouraging the population to participate in skiing.


      One of the hard parts of skiing or snowboarding is learning to balance. To solve this problem, we use a combination of BMX and mountain bike geometry to put you in a comfortable athletic skier/cycling position. Standing or sitting on our skibike then gives you the feeling of instant stability because you have a steering system in your hands that allows you to control the balance of your body and the vehicle at all times. And most everyone has ridden a bike so almost anyone can learn to ride a skibike or ski glider in a few minutes.




      BANKSKI is developing ski-simulation vehicles for all types of people, athletic and non-athletic, coordinated or non-coordinated, for a very-important reason. The National Ski Areas Association's annual statistic says that 81% of the people that try to ski for the first time give up and never try it again. That is 4 out of 5 people, which equates to billions of dollars in lost revenue for the mountain resort industry and millions of lost smiles from people that dream to ski. We believe that by adapting the global sports of mountain biking and scooter riding to snowsports through our vehicles we can introduce skiing to millions of people around the world. Just like our skibike, our Ski Glider also uses a steering system to eliminate the initial fear that a new skier has. The articulated foot platforms are binder-less and a rider is not clipped in so they are free to move their feet around or to step off the vehicle if they are feeling unsafe. Special ski boots are also not needed so walking around the ski resort in between ski runs is not an issue.


      Invented and named by BANKSKI, the SKI GLIDER , is a cross between a BMX bike, a snowboard and a stand-up scooter. The Ski Glider belongs to a similar style of vehicle called a 3-Ski, Snow Trike or a Snow Scoot that has already developed large followings in the mountain ranges of Europe and many of North America and New Zealand. The evolving sport is very easy to learn, even if you have never skied or snowboarded before. In half an hour, you will learn how to stop, turn and glide down the hillside safely. Several European Ski Federation ski schools teach the Snow Scoot. We are developing Ski Glider versions for children too! The Ski Glider is the perfect choice for all-types of bike riders that are new to snow-sports or just interested in changing things up from skiing or snowboarding.











     Many ski areas are now converted into downhill mountain biking venues in the summer, such as Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada and Snow Summit or Mammoth Mountain in the United States.. Typically, mountain bikers ride gondolas, trams or chair lifts to the starting point of a downhill trail at the top of the hill. Some trailheads are a short distance from the chairlift exit at the top of the mountain and require a rider to pedal to get to the point where downhill gravity is now the main source of power.

     We at BANKSKI are designing a new market for an electric-assist downhill mountain bike (no gears or pedals) that will take a rider from the top of the chairlift, to the trailhead and down the mountain. We believe that once a standard LEV battery is developed and in everyday use throughout America, ski resorts will begin offering battery-swapping options to e-bike and e-gravity bike riders.



(Our prototype takes time and we will share it with you a.s.a.p!)


Gravity Sports Goes Electric

     Chair-lift serviced bike parks continue to grow in popularity, both with summer ski area tourists and locals who use the parks to hone their skills. While most users prefer the unique geometry and suspension of downhill bikes, a handful of bike parks are welcoming Class 1 electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) to join the mix this season. Mammoth Mountain, Purgatory Resort, Mt. Snow, and Highland Mountain Bike Park will all join Steamboat Springs – who first allowed eMTBs last summer – to accommodate this burgeoning sector of the e-bike market.  

     The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), the US trade association for ski area owners and operators, supports the bike parks’ decision to allow eMTBs. According to Earl Saline, NSAA’s Director of Education Programming, many of the association’s member areas have expressed increased interest and investment in year round activities. The organization has responded accordingly; in 2015, they began producing the Downhill Bike Park Summit, “an event that brings together bike park operators, managers, risk managers, and other bike industry stakeholders to share best practices, discuss trends and issues facing bike parks, and to develop a connected network of people around the industry.” E-MTBs, said Saline, represent yet another great opportunity for recreation at ski areas on both public and private land.

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