"Battery-swap stations are the common-sense path forward for mass-market adoption of sustainable LEV transportation."   Todd Bank

     Todd Bank has changed how cities provide fuel for its electric vehicle commuters. No longer is the plug-in battery recharging system the only method available to refuel a light-electric vehicle. The idea that you can refuel a LEV faster than a motorcycle rider can put gas in their bike is real, and America is ready for it.

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      The global battery charger market reached a value of around US$ 20 Billion in 2019. An increasing demand for electrical vehicles (EVs) acts as a major force stimulating the growth of this market. BANKSKI expects the global battery-swap system market to exhibit moderate growth in America during 2022-2030. On this basis, we are currently designing a range of aesthetically pleasing battery-swap stations and their inner components for the American LEV and home-power energy-storage market.





     From years of experience, we can provide a deep insight into the evolving battery-swap system market covering all its essential aspects. This ranges from macro overview of the market to micro details of the industry performance, recent trends, key market drivers and challenges.


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     Imagine buying your light-electric vehicle without a battery and getting a battery for free, or little cost, from your neighborhood battery-swap station.

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Desret Highway Battery-Swap Station

      We believe the future is electric. And that’s why we are incredibly excited to be a company that is leading America towards aesthetic and efficient well-designed battery-swap stations. For charging, electric scooters will be able to charge at owner’s homes and apartments, but they'll also have battery-swap stations set up at convenient locations all around a city and in between cities.