Founded in 2020, BANKSKI was built on the belief that innovation can be a powerful motor to drive growth. We develop simple-to-use fun technology that triggers emotional responses in everyday people, thus we transform our ideas into your experiences.

     Nearly 20 years ago BANKSKI’s founder, TODD BANK, began a successful electric-vehicle project working alongside legendary TUCKER 48 auto designer Budd Steinhilbur. This experience kick started his passion to design technology that makes people smile. Bank and Steinhilbur were working with an EV company from Hawaii who, with their prototyping background, helped BANK lay the groundwork and prototype the first battery-swap stations for light electric vehicles (LEV’s). In the past few decades, BANK’s work has gone on to become a new standard in LEV refueling in Taiwan, China, India and Europe. He believes LEV battery-swap stations are coming to the USA very soon. Headquartered in Southern California and ready to serve customers from around the globe, BANKSKI’s products, brands, and experiences will inspire people to begin building a better more sustainable world (that allows people to ski all year long).




BANKSKI the company

Products that reduce global warming

     We are currently a small team of innovators and problem solvers with a combined fifty years of experience in our fields of design and fabrication. Having such a diverse set of perspectives helps force each of us outside of our comfort zone and into an area where innovation resides.

Ways we can help you design growth

     BANKSKI focuses its R&D activities on developing products to reduce the emission of internal combustion engine pollutants and to increase the safety, reliability and recyclability of its products. Constant focus is placed on designing products that are at the cutting edge of reducing global warming gasses.

Do you sell your products?

     We develop our own technology and can work with other companies to get it to the market. Afterwards, we will work with those companies to conceive of increasingly innovative products that fit their needs and that are focused on functionality, efficiency and superior quality.

     1. Our technology will help you see potential new customers for your products. 2. Simple ideas that we design will help you compete in scalable-global markets that you can prioritize. 3. Our human-centered, holistic approach to developing fun-to-use products will deliver big on emotion to keep consumers coming back. 4. You can lease our technology and services that are easy to understand and a joy to use.