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     “The E-SKI is the  best handling stand-up electric scooter ever designed!" 


TODD BANK-Inventor of the E-Ski


      It’s 2020 and the best electric scooters have emerged as not just a real sector, but one that’s only getting better. To put it another way: the world is changing and these new ELECTRIC SKI's designed by BANKSKI will lead that change. Powered by 500 watt to multiple horse power electric motors and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, the lightweight E-SKI's - made with mostly hi-performance BMX and mountain bike parts - will deliver premium performance, minus the emissions.



     Millions of people around the world love to snow ski because the activity keeps a persons body and mind fit in the wintertime, and it can be very fun too. Our E-SKI will now allow people to perform this loved sport all year around. Each model has the ability to outperform the best electric scooters available. The STABILIZER FOOTRESTS invention allows a scooter rider to simulate the leg movement of skiing and cycling, or to stand in a natural position as opposed to "goofy foot", like on most other scooters. This is where the "E-SKI's" tremendous stability, comfort and control is located.

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