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“This is the  best handling stand-up electric scooter ever designed!" 


Todd Bank-Inventor of the E-Ski




     Millions of people all around the world love to snow ski because it is a super-fun and exciting sport that keeps a persons body and mind fit in the wintertime. Our new electric ski will now allow almost anyone to perform this loved sport in the summertime too. 

     The E-Ski Mammoth model is the less expensive product we have designed, but low cost is not its greatest feature. Even with the small motor, it has the ability to outperform people riding the best electric scooters available in the world. It's special dual-articulating floorboards allow a rider to simulate the sports of skiing and cycling and to stand in a natural position as opposed to "Goofy Foot" like on all other scooters. This is where the E-Ski's tremendous stability, comfort and control is located.


     Our Saber Tooth model has a medium-size motor that puts out more torque and can reach a higher speed  than the Mammoth E-Ski. The travel distance on a fully charged lithium-ion battery will be well within the daily average an American drives their car, which is 29.2 miles. All of our E-Ski's are designed to make the short trips around your neighborhood a lot more fun to do. Currently, we are designing an E-Ski with a maximum weight supported of 320 pounds. Although it's purpose is to carry heavier loads, due to its 2 Horse-power motor people that weigh under 200 pounds will get a much faster takeoff and have more than adequate power on inclines. We at BANKSKI sincerely believe our larger motor models may lead to a new demographic of older age-range people riding E-Ski's because they are a whole new  type of fun transportation and recreation.

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     Courtesy of the unique floorboard system, every journey on the E-Ski becomes an excuse to enjoy yourself!



     E-Motorcycle and E-Scooter Market to Grow to a Value of US$ 14.29 Bn by 2027, Growing at a Robust CAGR of 7.1% over 2019 to 2027:


Transparency Market Research


     Electric vehicles are transforming the automobile industry, and have caused visible disruptions in the way people perceive public and private transport. Mobility has become an important component of the smart-city framework of cities, and this trend shall pave way for the popularity of electric motorcycles and scooters.

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 Batteries Swap in 30 seconds


      It’s 2020 and the best electric motorcycles have emerged as not just a real sector, but one that’s only getting better. To put it another way: the world is changing and these new Super-Light Electric Motorcycles designed by BANKSKI will lead that change. Powered by 2-3 horse power electric motors and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, these great-looking lightweight motorcycles made with mostly hi-performance BMX and mountain bike parts will deliver premium performance, minus the emissions.

     The Achilles 2.0 (above left, black) was developed to be the ultimate bike lane exploration motorcycle in a class that has never existed until now. Standard 26" tires offer just the right amount of traction without sacrificing suspension or travel. The two horse-power motor gives the Achilles tremendous power to ride around town doing all your errands, while also having the ability to climb steep hills. Top speed is 25 MPH, which is perfect for an off-highway electric motorcycle. The Achilles 3.0 (above right, white) is our three horse-power model with superior hill climbing torque. Top speed varies from 25 mph to 45 mph! By using standard bicycle parts that are available in almost every bicycle store in the U.S.A. means these vehicles can be easily customized or conveniently maintained at a very reasonable cost.